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Do you even hack?

This is HackMcGill. We are McGill's official community of hackers. We participate in hackathons in the American and Canadian circuits. We also host weekly HackNights which are all about developing a collaborative culture for programming at McGill in a casual and respectful environment.

You can learn more about the programmer subculture of hacking here.

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What is a hackathon?

An event where a bunch of hackers come together in teams with the intention of creating the best type of program (i.e. web app, iPhone app, etc) within a certain period of time. If you do well, you usually end up with job offers, cash money and lots of connections. If you don't do very well, you'll end up with motivation for the next one.

Will this get me cash money / help me make friends / get me a job?

print "%s%s" % ('Yes, ' * 3, 'Join.')

What is hack night?

An event you'll never want to miss. We come together and write code, work on assignments, collaborate and teach each other. Profs / TAs / Graduated students come out sometimes too.

I can't hack / can't code / I'm scared

Students of all levels are welcome! Hacking is as much about learning as it is doing. If you have an interest in technology and a desire to learn, we want you. Now.

Also, make sure you get friendly with our resources page. It's pages on pages on pages on pages of documentation about how to become a better programmer. Never hesitate to reach out to any HackMcGill'ers you feel know something about anything. We're all about collaboration.

I want to hack. How?

We want you. Our event calendar is here. Come to hack night.

I don't even go here, but I live in Montreal.

Do you unit test? Send us an email.

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