What is HackMcGill?

HackMcGill is McGill's Official Hacker Collective. Basically that means we're a group of people who like to make things. We hold events (like HACK101) to teach people about how to make things, and we hold other events where they can show off the things they make. If you attend McGill University and think technology is cool, consider joining our Facebook group.

What does HackMcGill do?

We host events like hacknights, HACK101, Learn to Code, mini-hackathons within the Montreal community, tech talks, and anything else that

What's a hacknight?

A hacknight is a time when everyone gets together to show off stuff they made, learn something new, and hang out with cool people. They're biweekly events happening in Trottier, We sometimes have pizza. We always have a good time.

How can I join HackMcGill?

Like what you've seen so far? Joining HackMcGill is easy – just join our facebook group and come to a HackNight!

I can't code. What should I do?

If you have a burning desire to start coding right this second, check out our resources page. We also host weekly Learn to Code events, where more experienced members of the HackMcGill community are on hand to help get you started and answer your questions if you get stuck.

Can HackMcGill do X/Y/Z?

If you've got a cool idea for an event that HackMcGill should put on, we want to hear about it! Hit us up here.

What is a hackathon?

In the broadest sense, hackathon is an event where people come together to build cool stuff with technology. Typically university hackathons run for 24-36 hours, and provides you access to have access to mentors, workshops, tech talks, and programmable hardware. For a list of hackathons, check https://www.hackalist.org/.

Hack.. so you guys take down websites and crack passwords stuff?

Hacking has a lot of different connotations, some more positive than others. We define hacking pretty loosely: it's a clever way of solving a problem. This Wikipedia article explains things pretty well. If you're really keen on breaking into things, check out CTFciety.